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It all began...

August 3rd 1990, a young boy met some fabulous drag queens and they shaved him down and put him in heels.

"You look like Tracy Turnblad/Ricki Lake! That should be your drag name." the queens said.

"No. I'd rather be something unique." said the young boy.

"OK then, be Darien Lake. Ricki Lake's love child with the amusement park outside Buffalo, NY." replied the queens.

"Well, I am two tons of fun." the young boy giggled. "But I shall spell it Miss Darienne Lake, so I don't get a cease and desist order from the amusement park."

That, boys, girls and everything in between, is how Miss Darienne Lake was born.

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Tour Dates

Here are a few dates where you can take a dip in the cool, refreshing waters of Darienne Lake:

February 19
Eastern Washington University-Cheney, WA

February 21
Rain Lounge-Syracuse, NY

February 26
Andiamo showroom-Warren, MI

February 27
BOTS tour The Danforth Music Hall-Toronto, ON

February 28
BOTS tour Olympia-Montreal, QC

March 2
BOTS tour State theatre-Portland, ME

March 3
BOTS tour Royale-Boston, MA

March 5
BOTS tour Irving Plaza-New York, NY

March 7
BOTS tour Trocadero-Philadelphia, PA

March 8
BOTS tour 30 Club -Washington, DC


Booking Info

David Charpentier
Producer Entertainment Group
NYC 917-210-5866 ext. 801